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Improve Your Financial Habits

It is important that you invest in yourself before you invest in anything else. Robert Stanton, a financial consultant at AAMS, LLC, helps you to create good financial habits so you start off on the correct path towards owning everything you have always dreamed of.

When working with Robert, those in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have the opportunity to go from the danger of crippling debt to financial confidence. Whether you are looking to pay off your college loans, your car payment, or you have purchased a home, his DOFC program helps you to eliminate your debt in half the time it would normally take.

Financial Freedom Is Just Around the Corner

The first step of his program focuses on reducing debt. The multimillion dollar software program he uses has the same structure that banks use. It has four different functions in the software to help you eliminate the debt, including a financial GPS system to help you stay on course.

Using interest and timed payments, his program will allow you to pay off your mortgage and other debts in a timely manner. For example, if you have six debts, you may have 120 variables as to which you need to pay off first. This program calculates which debt to tackle when.

Home Investment

Learn How To Properly Invest

The second process of Robert's program is called "My Family's Financial Miracle." It was created to show you how to safely invest your money, how to do your taxes in the most expedient way, and how to survive dips in the market.

In his videos, Robert will teach you how to be your own banker and how to save yourself from the common pitfalls people find themselves in when investing. By taking this second step, you will be able to build a solid foundation for your future with the money you save after paying off your debts.

Retirement Safety

Many people purchase homes but are unable to pay off their mortgages by the time they retire. Robert is concerned about your retirement safety, rather than the rate of return. This helps to ensure you are financially stable in a down market. If you bought a house and need to get stable financially, he can help you prepare for retirement.